end of term

Well, it’s almost the end of the semester. Classes are over, a few exams left, and the library is slowly getting quieter…

It’s been a busy three months. There’s so much to do every day that it’s been a challenge seeing the bigger picture and planning projects accordingly. An update on this term:

Collections: Collections work has been on the back burner most of the term. I completed an evaluation of one of my collection areas and met with the coordinator of the related degree program. We are going to be working closely to develop and promote this collection into the new year. I’ve also completed reworking our collection development policy and evaluating an electronic resource. It’s also been challenging and rewarding to learn more about my specific collection subject areas, especially nursing.

Instruction: I cannot believe how much I’ve enjoyed teaching library sessions to students. Students remembering me and approaching me at the reference desk to follow-up from the session, thank you letters from instructors, and the eager thank-yous from appreciative students after a session have all made the hard work a rewarding experience.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Augustana Information Literacy in Academic Libraries Workshop at the University of Alberta in Camrose. While meeting many other librarians and sharing stories of frustration, it was ultimately a day of reflection on current library practices, and a chance to be inspired and to improve these practices.

Supervision: Another first for me, supervising four staff members has been a positive experience. I now recognize the time and effort required to motivate staff and respond to their concerns.

The Role of the Library: It’s been great to work in a library with staff so willing to try new initiatives, and where there is so much support from senior management, faculty and staff. Our library is literally full with students most times of day throughout the term, and our statistics for attendance and circulation are way up over previous years. Unfortunately, we are always having to try to do more with less, facing budget cuts and increase in usage simultaneously.

The City: Since moving to rural Alberta from the big city, I haven’t had too much time to miss my previous lifestyle. Yes, things are certainly different out here: the frigid temperatures, the sprawl. I miss the Mod Club, fearing for your life going to the Phoenix, Kensington and walking down College or Queen Sts. just to people watch.  I’m learning to enjoy the quiet.


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