Knowledge Ontario needs your help!

I quietly heard about funding being cut to Knowledge Ontario last week. I had just returned from the Canadian Library Association’s annual conference, where KO won the CLA/Information Today Award for Innovative Technology and I was feeling warm and fuzzy about libraries in general and my involvement with KO specifically.

I wrote to several Ministers in Ontario, as well as the Premier. I don’t know the value of my voice as a resident in Alberta. Though I can’t vote in Ontario, I do feel invested in what takes place there, and wanted them to know that these decisions affected those living outside of Ontario.

Knowledge Ontario is an inspiring organization. They also accomplish a great deal and provide services that would otherwise not exist. As someone who now lives in a rural setting, I greatly appreciate the opportunity for smaller and rural libraries to be involved in the same innovative projects as the bigger institutions, be it virtual reference service or digitization projects.

I currently volunteer with the askON service – 2 hours a week to university students in Ontario – from my residence in Alberta. I know firsthand that this service is very, very busy and relies heavily on volunteer (professional) labour. Over 50 libraries participate and over 3000 questions are answered monthly (and this is just one of KO’s services!). I also provide similar service through Alberta’s Ask A Question service.

The sad part about this funding cut is that KO saves money by streamlining library services in Ontario. How many more cuts can libraries take?

In Alberta, there seems to be less advocacy counteracting these types of decisions; I’m confident that Ontario will stand up for Knowledge Ontario.

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