Back to the same old non-routine

My main goal this year is to actually take an hour for lunch and go for a walk or read something for fun. I always try to shorten my lunch, thinking that I will be able to finish up earlier to go home. But this is never the case, at least not in September! The strange thing is that I really like actually being at work. I love leaving my office and finding students eager to ask questions or faculty stopping by to schedule an instruction session. The busyness in the halls and the general commotion gives work an added urgency and sense of importance.

Something I’m continuing to participate in this fall is the Ask Ontario internship through Knowledge Ontario. I work 2 hours a week providing chat reference to Ontario university students. It’s a nice change of pace and helps me reflect on and refine my reference skills. There’s a huge group of interns this fall, so I’m excited to still be involved.

Something new will be contributing to the CLA CACUL Re:Generations blog, a blog by and for new academic librarians. I’m very excited to be in the position (with a whopping one year under my belt) to be dispensing advice and sounding like some sort of expert on librarianship! It will also be challenging to stick to a blogging schedule, but I think the structure will help keep me on track – providing some sort of routine.

Another amazing part of my fall comes as part of my involvement in a community committee called One Book One Community in my city. This year, our book selection is Three Day Road, and the author, Joseph Boyden, will actually be coming to my rural part of Alberta to speak and sign books!

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