September Review

Careful footing by Alex Gilbert

September felt like a breeze this year. Though extremely busy, I had more confidence from a year’s worth of experience under my belt. Even potentially stressful situations, like having to hire three new library assistants, went smoothly.

I also feel like an expert on the reference desk. However, there have been a few times where I’ve been pleasantly surprised and challenged by the questions. So, when do you really feel like you know it all? I’m pretty sure the fun part about librarianship is that it is impossible to know or anticipate every question. Now, instead of feeling like I have to know everything, I can say to a student, “what a great topic! – let’s explore this together.” For example, a student was researching monadology, and even with several philosophy courses in my academic history, this was a challenge. It takes the pressure off and encourages more student interaction.

I’ve also had some great questions during information literacy sessions. My favourite: “so, who are the ‘peers’?” during a session where I explain peer-review. Usually eyes are glazed over at this point, so it was amazing to see this level of curiosity (on a Friday morning at 8:00 am, too).

Librarianship is about having your own curiosity piqued by inquisitive students.


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