Communicating with students – how hard can this be?

"Two things..." by Moriya Halon(mhalon) from

This week I attended my college’s Services to Students Advisory Committee meeting. This committee includes management from the library, student services and registration, and IT services, plus representatives from the Students Association. The goal is to encourage open communication and address issues or concerns that students may have with non-instructional service areas.


The theme that came up throughout the meeting was that there is a lack of communication from the college to the student body. Students said they simply don’t hear about campus events and services. There is not even much incentive to use, let alone actually check, their student email apparently.

Now, this is discouraging when we put up posters, use email, facebook, twitter, a blog, website…and yet, students don’t know what’s going on? Obviously it’s not feasible to go up to each student individually and tell them the latest news. One possible solution that came up is text messaging, but I fail to see how that creates any more awareness than emails, facebook updates, etc.

If students choose to tune out, they’re the ones missing out on opportunities to enrich their college experience.

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