Maybe I’ll read an e-book one day…

To follow-up my post on the printed book, I’m still not sold on e-books.

First of all, it’s a confusing mess. Thanks, Meghan!

Second, I don’t like to buy books.

I received an iPad as a gift and the first thing I set to do was get my public library’s e-books on it. Well, eventually this worked, thanks to a post by the Distant Librarian. 1) Sign in to library account, select and download file 2) Sign up for Adobe account 3) Get Bluefire app on the iPad 4) email file as an attachment and open on the iPad 5) Cross your fingers and hope that Bluefire recognizes the file (this took awhile)….

After this much work, I didn’t even read my selected book.

Pros: the iBook ereader and the Bluefire ereader are beautiful. Slick, fast, coloured, touchable. Everything I wish the Kobo had.

Cons: the thing is heavy! I cannot hold the iPad for an extended time with one hand. The glare (and fingerprints) is also noticeable and distracting.

I think I’ll hold out for an improved dedicated ereader and use the iPad exclusively for Scrabble*!

*All of my New Year’s resolutions are in jeopardy!

One response to “Maybe I’ll read an e-book one day…”

  1. mjecclestone says :

    Thanks for the link and yes — iPads are not ideal reading devices! However I am internet-friends with Micheal Steeleworthy (lie-berrian at Dal), and you might want to read his comment on my post, and his “further ramblings” about eBooks on his illustrious blog, The Zeds:
    Check out the blog later this week — he has promised a post on this very topic 🙂 It’s also a must-read for academic lie-berrians in general.

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