Library Day in the Life, Day 1

I will be participating for the first time in Library Day in the Life. My days and weeks vary greatly, so this will be a snapshot. Last week was particularly busy, so this week is a bit slower, thankfully. I am an academic librarian in a rural college of 2500 FLE. I’ve been here just over one and a half years, having moved upon graduation from library school in 2009. One thing I’m curious about is how much time I spend on “urgent/non-important” tasks compared to tasks aligned with my performance goals/projects “non-urgent/important”.

Leigh Cunningham, Collections and Instruction Librarian, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada

Today was not a typical day, as I didn’t have anything scheduled in my calendar today. I spent most of the day taking care of the backlog in my inbox and making arrangements for the rest of the week.

8:15 Arrive at work


Respond to email and organize calendar for the week. Send out agenda for meeting I’m chairing on Thursday afternoon. Confirm travel arrangements for Thursday. I will be heading to other campus to teach a library session as part of a Study Skills workshop. Look into report that streaming media is being blocked on library computers. Switched shift with Director, so I will be working a reference desk shift today after all!  Find out that manager at regional library system is leaving. Help coordinate last minute farewell lunch.


Respond to book suggestions for annual One Book One Community (OBOC) Event and communicate with committee and volunteers. Question our criteria for paperback status and what makes a “Canadian” writer.


Coordinate with faculty regarding upcoming library sessions in February. More email.


Review presentation for psychology library research class tomorrow evening. Print handouts, gather materials.

12:00- 12:30

Reply to a few more emails.


Lunch and reading Cool Water by Dianne Warren, a possible contender for OBOC.


More discussion about upcoming research class with Information Literacy coordinator. Looked up books in our collection on informed consent for possible psychology research session. Get OBOC posters approved by College Advancement department for posting on campus. While I’m at it, I’ll put up some posters for a public library event.


Some collection development  for education area.

Uploaded photos from staff get-together to Sharepoint.

Get confirmation from instructor about joining an upstart creative writing club on campus.


Reference Desk Shift: spent 20 minutes with a new student orienting her to the business databases. Handled a noise complaint from a student. Fairly quiet shift – got some collection development in too. Normally, the desk is too busy to even check email.


Discuss noise issues (again) with other managers.

4:30 Leave office


2 responses to “Library Day in the Life, Day 1”

  1. Alex says :

    Hi Leigh! I can’t believe it took me actually reading the Library Day In The Life wiki to see that you had a blog and are participating. Unobservant me!!!

    Glad you are doing it 🙂

    • Leigh Cunningham says :

      Thanks, Alexandra. I saw you up there too! It’s actually kept me on task because I know I have to account for my time!

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