Library Day in the Life, Day 2

Day 2 of Library Day in the Life.

Leigh Cunningham, Collections and Instruction Librarian, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada

Got to sleep in a little bit then went to the gym. Working a late shift due to an evening research class.

10:45 Arrive at work.

Check email. Director is on holidays and other librarian is off sick today, so I’m in charge.


Reference Desk shift. Lots of problems with wireless internet, helped students visiting from China, emptied the hole punch receptacle in the printer. Answered some email. Some collection development for chemistry.


Talked about (ongoing) personnel issues with Circulation Supervisor.


Talked with co-worker about books we are reading.


Scheduled library classes for February, and scheduled a meeting with the instructor for Friday afternoon.


Respond to emails/email backlog, review press release for OBOC, update OBOC website and reading list.


Late lunch. Catching up on facebook, personal email and news.


Collection development in sciences. Emails. Preparation for class on Thursday.


2 hour library research class for first year psychology students. This is one of my favourite classes (I’ve taught it twice before for same instructor) because I have lots of time for hands-on work and really getting students to think about their topics beyond just ‘anorexia’ or ‘sport psychology’. 24 students showed up and we had a great session with lots of fun topics: dream interpretation, impact of shift work, PTSD in paramedics. It’s so nice to have an attentive and engaged class (especially an evening class). Instructor asks me if I’d be willing to review her APA style for her PhD thesis (hmm…).


Spend some time talking to my student assistant and the evening shift coworkers.

8:30pm Leave office for home.


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