Library Day in the Life, Day 3

Day 3, Library Day In the Life Project

Leigh Cunningham, Collections and Instruction Librarian, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada

Sleep in a little bit instead of going to the gym. It’s 5 degrees out! Plus, for the first time we are having snow removed from my building’s parking lot.

9:30am Arrive at work. Learn that there is a fireplace in the newly constructed wing of the college, but my hopes are dashed when I hear it doesn’t emit heat.

Phone call with coordinator of the B.Ed. program regarding some nutrition lesson plans I sent her. Discussion over printing out vs. cataloguing online resources….


Prepare for class at other campus tomorrow (Brooks, Alberta – about 1 hour drive on the Transcanada, but treacherous if bad conditions). A little concerned that I haven’t received any answers from the coordinator of the session. Check weather forecast and road reports. Since I will be at Brooks, I contact library clerks there to let them know I’ll be visiting in the morning and prepare weeding project for their collection. Consider what I have to finish before Friday since I’ll be out of the office tomorrow.

Revise press release for OBOC for campus-wide posting – always makes me nervous I have a typo when something is going out to everyone!

Get called out to help a student in the computer lab – CPU is falling off the wheeled holder due to missing screws. Call facilities to fix. Fix paper jam in the printer while I’m out there. There’s always tonnes of printing before 11:00 classes.


Information Services (Reference Desk Staff) Meeting: review of our new email form service, more discussion on database cutbacks, review of ebrary collection, discussion on upcoming visit of junior high school students to the library (aww), ongoing noise and wireless issues.


Lunch. And fire drill. Because it’s a beautiful day, I guess. It’s always fun kicking students out of the library – they move soooo slooowly.


Answer emails. Look at my big to-do list for the year (ending July 2011) – progress is pretty good. Unfortunately, what I’m leaving to the end is “develop collection management plan”. Perhaps I should schedule some time to work on that?!


Ran reports and prepared mailings for Distance Education students enrolled for February.

Ventured into the stacks to find books on “informed consent” and got side-tracked when I found nursing legal resources from the 80’s – yikes! Brought them back to check for newer editions.


Services to Students Meeting (Student Services, Registration, Library, and reps from Student Association). Pizza is served as incentive to get the students to attend. Library related topics: more Macs on campus, more outlets for laptops in library, improve wireless internet access.

6:15 Head home. Here’s hoping my parking space is snow-free when I arrive!


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