Library Day in the Life, Day 4

Day 4, LibrarydayintheLife Project

Leigh Cunningham, Collections and Instruction Librarian, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada


8:30 Arrive at work.


Email. Finish preparation for class today and preparation for weeding at Brooks Campus. Answer reference question from Distance Ed. Student (drug prevention programs for grade 1).


Travel from Medicine Hat to Brooks, AB


Meet with staff at Brooks library


Offer drop in Study Skills workshop on APA and MLA formatting. Sadly, no one shows up. Feeling dejected.


Eat lunch on the run and travel back to Medicine Hat


Chair Social Committee Meeting. We’re going to see the Medicine Hat production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

3:30-4:15 Reference Desk Shift

Help a student cite something from a PowerPoint slide in Blackboard. I conclude that the instructor has incorrectly cited criteria from the DSM-IV and we end up not being able to find the criteria listed on the instructor’s slides in the actual manual. Great. Send student away with a cobbled together APA citation. Bring the DSM back to my office to find the correct info.


Feeling dejected and defeated. My desk is piled with papers. Do I tackle the pile or just head home for the day?


One response to “Library Day in the Life, Day 4”

  1. Alex says :

    I felt dejected and defeated at *exactly the same time* today! Except, I guess, because of the time difference, it was a different time? Whatever…

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