Library Day in the Life, Day 5

Last day in LibrarydayintheLife

Leigh Cunningham, Collections and Instruction Librarian, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada

Follow-up to yesterday: I was also sad about this article 45% Of Students Don’t Learn Much In College

7:45 Arrive at work. Roads weren’t too bad, but everything will ice over today and ‘heavy snow’ in forecast for this afternoon.


Start working through piles on my desk that I decided to leave yesterday. Feeling better as I get organized. Make my way through the piles of potential weeds on my desk. Make list of things I *must* do today and this relieves pressure from my entire to-do list. Figure out what can wait until Monday. Answer some email.

Other librarian off again today (director still away, too). Reschedule reference desk hours. Other staff step in to cover shifts = awesome.


Post February shelving schedule for my student assistants and deal with wacky timesheet issue. Respond to request to be shelver’s reference in her summer job search (aww). Distribute posters throughout the college (help from co-worker = awesome). Organize our weekly staff trivia game. Each week I ask a question (weirdest food you’ve eaten, favourite movie) and the answers are compiled into a matching quiz. We have a monthly prize. It’s been a very successful social committee initiative and provides great water cooler fodder.


Work on reference question for distance education student.


Reference Desk shift: helping students with microfilm reader (always a blast) – they get an assignment where they have to find the headline from the day they were born in Medicine Hat News. Student responses to microfilm: “cool”. Other scavenger hunt items: first female member of parliament and date someone won a Nobel Prize. Put up Info Desk display for OBOC. Decide on dates for upcoming social committee events.

1:00-1:30 Lunch, reading UsWeekly


Prepare for meeting with psychology instructor.


Meet with psychology instructor regarding 3 different upcoming classes (5 sessions) for her students: Abnormal Psychology: Finding & critiquing peer-reviewed articles; Social Psychology: Writing a research proposal; Education Psychology: Researching theories &synopsis writing.


Tidy up and decide what to bring home for the weekend.

4:00 Leave work for hair appointment.



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