Resources for Introverts

Last time I completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I has 28 ‘points’ for introversion and 2 points for extroversion. This was hardly a revelation for me. However, the process of exploring our results has led me to feel more confident in my ‘type’, accept it as a preference not a burden, and learn to work with my preferences.

Here are some resources I’ve come across recently on ‘surviving’ as an introvert. I’m sure lots of librarians are introverts. It’s interesting to realise that there is a difference between preference and behaviour. Introverts are able to display extroversion, it just takes more energy.

  • Ancowitz, N. (2010). Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.
  • Dembling, S. (2009-present). The Introvert’s Corner [Weblog]. Retrieved from PsychologyToday website
  • Fine, D. (2005). The Fine Art of Small Talk. New York, NY: Hyperion.
  • Laney, M. O. (2002). The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in a Extrovert World. New York, NY: Workman.
  • Phelps, M. (2007-2008). Power Networking for Introverts [Weblog]. Retrieved from

Some of the above were posted in the discussion Best Resources (and Tips) on Networking for Introverts, a discussion forum from the LinkedIn Group LIS Career Options.

I also posted some resources on Strengths-Based leadership on the Re:Generations blog:


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