Looking back

While perusing some old files, I came across my application to grad school in early 2007. Seems like ages ago…

“The library represents the preservation of the human record and the importance of literacy and learning in the community…

“As technological methods for storing and distributing information continue to change, it is essential to have professions, organizations and individuals dedicated to the organization, protection and preservation of information in a free society.  The role of the librarian is appealing to me because it is the key to organization and availability of materials to others.  In order for others to experience the satisfaction of learning diverse subjects, the materials must be made accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income or status.  I believe the values of librarianship are as timely as ever, especially those concerning equal access to information, privacy, censorship and intellectual freedom, as well as the promotion of literacy and learning.”

If anything, I had the crazy cat lady part down pat.

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