Super Toronto

photo: Quill and Quire

I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto Feb.1-4, 2012 and I’ve been wondering how best to ‘bring the conference back to work’. Besides being back in love with Toronto (though there’s not much to love right now, the weather was fantastic, and it’s such a change of pace from here in Alberta), the conference gave me A LOT to think about.

Thanks to this helpful post from Rebecca Jones, I’ve planned a session with my colleagues about a great presentation on Information Literacy for Faculty by Seneca College Libraries. I’m excited to try a few of their techniques. This session was the best one I attended at the conference, and was both inspiring and overwhelming (how can I do all of that at my library?!).

The biggest big-picture, take-home, reiterated issues that cropped up for me were:

  • We are screwed if we leave things to Apple and Google
  • We are screwed if we continue to licence content like ebooks (libraries need to vote with our wallets on ebooks)
  • Outcome over output (who cares if our circulation was up 3% this year?)
  • Importance of media literacy/critical thinking about technology (stop being a fanboy/girl of Apple, make social media purposeful rather than feed our worst instincts).
  • “Return” the library space to the users (stop the collections “arms race” to have the most volumes)

I need to remember these.

Oh, and George Stroumboulopoulos closed the conference at the Gala Luncheon. I used to listen to George on CFNY Toronto radio way back in the 90’s…so great, and look where he is now. Oh, and libraries can’t rely on nostalgia either.

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