The summer and fall went by much too quickly and December provided a much need break.

I’ve been struggling with posting here. It is not for a lack of content and ideas. Rather, I’m not sure I can write meaningfully about certain topics or issues publicly. I watched the withering away of a good number of “new librarian” blogs and I’m wondering if everyone’s feeling the same way.

I’ve had a number of frustrating experiences that have pushed me to the point of reassessing my desire to work in libraries. Those low moments have served as reminders that evaluation and reflection is crucial in career and life. I’ve also realized it’s crucial not to over-identify with your profession. There is a lot of negativity and navel-gazing in librarianship right now that’s pretty off-putting. I’m trying to focus on being productive and positive in my little piece of library land.

Some of my professional accomplishments this past year include publishing an article in Feliciter, being elected to the executive of a provincial association, and leading a successful community event in October that included attendance by the mayor.

In 2013 I will be investigating further education opportunities and devoting time to a much neglected writing project.

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  1. alex says :

    dude, I HEAR YOU. I feel like I’m in the same boat sometimes. I can definitely feel that I’m at a crossroads in terms of what goes on the blog versus what actually happens in my work and home life, and at a crossroads in terms of what investments I make in work, special projects like associations, and home life.

    Ha! We’re getting old.

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