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summer reading

I just finished reading Love in the time of cholera.  This is one of those books that, while reading, I had to force myself to put down and get some sleep.  I think I might like it more than One hundred years of solitude, but that might require a re-read. 

I’ve also been losing sleep over course selection for next year.  Okay, not exactly losing sleep, but feeling some sense that I should start thinking about it seriously.  Last year, I had 7 required courses and 1 elective, so course selection was easy.  My work schedule at the time was also a large factor, so I could only have class 2 days a week.  This year, on the other hand, I have a lot of freedom of choice, perhaps too much.

I’m also already starting to feel exhausted just anticipating the coming year.  I will be working two jobs, taking four classes (including a practicum) and hopefully trying to be more involved in both professional associations and student life.  With all this around the corner, I feel my summer quickly dwindling.  That said, I’m trying to fit in as many novels as I can while I can still stretch out on the balcony in the sun.


I just completed year one of two in the Master of Information Studies program at FIS. It’s been a crazy year professionally and personally.

The fall semester had me working two part-time jobs and keeping up with my four courses. I learned in that time that perfectionism is something that doesn’t happen in the real world. Balancing work and school, while attempting to have some social life and a relatively orderly apartment was a challenge, but I’d do it all again.

Winter semester was slightly more relaxing, but the weather was unbearable by early March. I went to my first conference, the OLA Super Conference as a volunteer, an experience that was rewarding and enlightening.

In the last six months or so, I’ve met so many inspiring people and realised that I’ve made the right decision to go back to school. At this point, my ambition to succeed is greater than it has been in a long while.